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Apollon has been Exit Scamming for 22 days. This is what we know (dreadditevelidot.onion)

On january 27, Apollon vendors found they were unable to login to the site. All of their listings had been enabled, so casual drug buyers would login without realising that anything was wrong.

Withdrawals appeared to work, on-site balances changed, but no transactions were transmitted to the blockchain. The site had essentially become an inflatable piggy bank with a one-way valve. Customers could put bitcoin IN, but nobody could take it out (Except the owner). That’s how it remains.

This kind of “one-way valve” exit scam is the most difficult to pull off, and the easiest to counteract, so this made me think that Apollon’s owner doesn’t understand bitcoin too well. Indeed, this appears to be the case.

On 28th, I created an account and made a $6 deposit into apollon on behalf of the Homecastle vendor group, to perform an MLD (Malicious Late Deposit) aka “golden bitcoin” attack… http://dreadditevelidot.onion/post/4eb3119dced316230ead