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Discussion: OpSec Lessons from the Flugsvamp 2.0 Bust (dreadditevelidot.onion)

by /u/GuidedByVices

…Early in 2018, the Swedish police conducted a tracking of the Flugforum (flugforum5puztp6.onion and forumahlcqmgmtmk.onion), see PM for tracking service rar at TOR.
The tracking showed that Flugforum (with the address Flygforum5puztp6.onion) could most likely be connected to a server with IP address the company Zyztm Research Division. It was also likely, according to the tracking the forumahlcqmgmtmk.onion address could be connected to a server with IP address, associated with Yourserver SIA (Makonix). The latter IP address was the same as the investigation previously seen that the domain Flugwiki.se was linked to… – Dread